Historical Research Workshop

On Hiatus

On Hiatus

Where’s the Workshop this semester?  

We are happy to announce that the department has responded to students’ desire for a methodology course and is piloting History 104: The Craft of History with Prof. Mark Peterson and several grad student instructors this semester.  Meanwhile, 3 of 4 facilitators are currently writing their senior theses.

What does this mean for the future of the Workshop?  

We’re not sure yet.  Depending on demand, Jonathan and Michelle may be offering another section in the Fall.  Pedro and I will be graduating in May.  It’s been a long journey since the Workshop began as an idea on a Google doc, and we’re pretty happy with what we’ve managed to accomplish in the intervening two years.

Interested in facilitating?

There’s no better way to learn something than to teach it.  Whether you’re already a research wunderkind or just finished taking the class, training to become a facilitator will hone your own research skills and make you super conscious about your own methodology.  Facilitating is an education in itself, but it’s particularly useful for those interested in academia, librarianship, or teaching.  The two most important qualities in facilitators are enthusiasm and an earnest desire to help others.  We’ll supply the rest (and 2 units of credit!).  Please contact me at cvilla100 AT berkeley dot edu if you are considering it.  The deadline for paperwork will be in early April.

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