Historical Research Workshop

Online Databases

Browsing the list of online databases on lib.berkeley.edu I found a few that might be relevant to my topic: Italinemo, Historical Abstracts, Humanities International Complete (as well as the familiar JSTOR and ProQuest). Unfortunately only the latter furnished me with any useful results, leading me to an article entitled ‘Executive Order 9066 and the Italian Americans: the San Francisco Story’ by Rose Scherini, published in the Journal of American History in 2006. The article revealed the extent to which the Italian American community felt an allegiance to Mussolini and to the homeland before the War and once the War broke out. According to Scherini the attachment was more one of affection and nostalgia than anything else; there was no authentic widespread commitment to fascism. The article was also very interesting in describing the process of apprehension of enemy aliens, of course as it was restricted to San Francisco it is somewhat limited in scope. It is also not wholly relevant to the specific focus of my research, though helpful in contributing to historical context. The feelings towards Mussolini were the most pertinent, as this may explain how the general public and the government regarded the Italian American community. I will therefore be looking more closely at the extent and nature of the loyalty to Mussolini, and the way in which this was seen within the United States.

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