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Journal Free Topic: Research Update

rSo I am still working on my research paper for the Japanese-American internment experience. I have found many interesting resources and I have submitted a proposal letter to my professor about my plans for research. I just got it back recently and got it approved! I remembered how Pedro and Camille said that it would be a good idea to send a copy of our research proposals so I thought I’d do that for this journal. Oh and one other thing. I have been working on an other research paper for my human rights class and have submitted it already. I got it back already and can say that I am very proud of myself! I used all the resources that were introduced to me through this decal and it made my research experience much better than if I had done this all on my own. Thanks!

BY THE WAY, I forgot to take out my address on the letter so if you could just ignore that, I’d really appreciate it!

Garcia Rocio Research Paper Proposal Letter


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