Historical Research Workshop


I thought the visit to the BAM/PFA was a great trip! I had never been there before but had always passed by the building. I always thought it was an abandoned building or that it was some sort of jail. I mean, what was I supposed to think when I saw the name of the building in bold black letters on what seemed like a concrete block of a building? Anyway, when I met up with Pedro at the cafe, I was surprised to see what looked like weeds sticking out of the concrete wall and a mossy branch hanging from the ceiling. It was certainly strange. I thought that the guides were very insightful and had a lot to offer us. I really enjoyed how each guide knew about the resources available and not available there.  They seemed really passionate about their jobs. I thought that was really cool. I would have liked to talk to one of the curators though, they seem like really cool people.

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