Historical Research Workshop

BAM/PFA visit

I really enjoyed the trip to the BAM/PFA, particularly the PFA. I was impressed by the collection at the BAM and Lynne’s knowledge and willingness to help, but as someone interested in film, I found the resources at the PFA most exciting. Nancy was really helpful in explaining the processes of researching, locating and accessing the resources not only held at the PFA but at other locations both on and off campus. It became clear that the PFA houses some very rare and unique recordings, and that the people there are very passionate about what they do; I will definitely be making more use of it in the future!


Browsing oskicat and some of other search engines that Nancy told us about I came across a documentary entitled Italian Interment: a secret story. It is held at the Media Resources Center at the NRLF and whilst unfortunately I haven’t been able to view it yet, I hope to do so this week.

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