Historical Research Workshop

Reading Response: Film and Television: The Moving Image

In this week’s reading, I found the section relating to how films are digested by the general public to be rather interesting. The hypodermic model that the article mentions does seem problematic for the issues that are brought up. Ultimately, it appears that the commercial view is the most plausible, at least to me. Although it could be advantageous for a small group to promote and preserve a status quo through this form of mass entertainment, it seems logical that the individuals producing the movies would do so with commercial prospects being the primary concern. I thought that Bertolt Brecht’s opinion of Gunga Din was also a fascinating aspect to bring up. The fact that the well-produced movie made him want to applaud and laugh despite realizing that the film distorted numerous elements about British colonialism truly speaks to film’s efficacy in seducing the viewer.

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