Historical Research Workshop

Erik Hillbrand – Introduction

Hello everyone! I am a senior year transfer-student history major. I am a Bay Area native, but I have lived in Southern California as well and transferred to UCB from Long Beach City College. During my first semester at Cal in Fall 2012, I took courses in American environmental history with Robert Chester and history of the American West with McKenzie Moore. These courses really turned me on to environmental history and Western development. Since then I have become interested in California history, the reclamation of water in the West as it relates to the growth of major cities and subsequent environmental impacts from development. I will be writing my 101 this coming spring and it will most likely be along the lines of this field. I am also developing an interest in pre-revolutionary economies of the British West Indies this semester. With the vast amount of resources available here at Berkeley, researching can sometimes be intimidating, so I am looking forward to gaining some navigational skills through this workshop.


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