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Dakota Sky Bloom: Intro

Hello All! My name is Dakota Bloom, and I am a Senior History major focused on technology and its effect on empires. More recently, this has meant that I have focused on high technology, especially computers, in the Soviet Union and that empire’s failure to adopt them. I am taking a number of research-based classes, as well as preparing for my thesis next semester, so I am not sure which class I will be working towards.


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  1. Pedro Hernandez
    September 20, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    I dig it! A question you might want to ask is what defines an empire and what are its mechanics? Who are the authorities on empire? Though this you might be able to find some parallels and trace the evolution of the competition of imperium – especially in the context of the high technology you speak of. Something I would be curious to know is how does the space race fit into this dynamic?
    This seems like a very merited project and I look forward to its maturation.

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