Historical Research Workshop

Namkyung Lee, Introduction

Hi, this is Namkyung Lee from Korea. Though, you can call me N.K. if it is easier for you to call. I tried to be called by Namkyung but I realize that my name is long, difficult to be pronounced so I decided to make my name shorter as N.K. I am an exchange student from Yonsei University to here, UC Berkeley. Before I came here I was really worried about many things but for now, I am satisfied with my life at Cal. Recently, I am doing two interesting activities : Hip-hop dance and play guitar. It’s my first time dance and also learn guitar so sometimes it is burden to me but I decided to enjoy. Because I am staying here only for one year, I do want to try as many things as possible.

This is my first time learning for “actual researching”, so I am really looking forward to this class. I am not sure how to set up my research topics, how to find it and so on, during this semester, I want to do some research about human rights, world commodity chain(especially about GMO food) or Uranium. Some of these are related with my other class’s final report topic, which is GMO, so I want to do some research about this subject. Especially the history of GMO and the reason why we need GMO food, and I want to somehow relate this with world commodity chain and global economic system we now have. Third world, European centered mind and so on.

I want to learn a lot from this class and will put enough time to make an effort. Nice to meet you(:

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  1. Pedro Hernandez
    September 20, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    Yeah I kinda understand where you’re coming from. As a transfer student myself the transition to Cal was a little rough at first but once you are settled in things tend to work out one way or another. And don’t worry about not knowing at the beginning. Camille and I are here because we care and would like to help. Come see us in office hours or email us whenever its convenient for you.
    As far as your topics are concerned, they all seem very interesting and promising. Something you might want to think about is how are human rights and GMOs related? Or at least what are the arguments that are linking or dividing them?
    Let’s make this a good semester.

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