Historical Research Workshop

Caitlin O’Neal: Introduction

Hey everyone, I’m Caitlín (pronounced “Kathleen”, it’s Gaelic, just go with it!), but everyone calls me Katie. I’m a junior transfer from CCSF, and this is my first semester at Berkeley. I’m a history major, and I spend the majority of my time researching one thing or another online, but I’m no expert in the library and I’m really hoping to get some great experience outside of my comfort zone! My favorite topics are medieval European history (with a focus on race and gender), women in science, the history of Islam, the history of colonialism, queer history, and 17th century Dutch history. Aside from constantly reading about those things, I like to play video games and educate myself on social justice issues. Hopefully this class will help me narrow my focus down to a couple of thesis possibilities!

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