Historical Research Workshop


Reading Response: Material Culture

The Lubar and Kingery reading was, I believe, somewhat limited. Much of the beginning seemed to follow, with the example of differing  expectations embodied in the construction of the  rococo vs. Federal card tables seeming sensible (the rococo one being,…

Learning from Strangers

I found Weiss’s Learning from Strangers to be a very interesting read, especially because it was very informative and enlightening about certain aspects of the interview process when it comes to conducting an oral history. Things such as posing unbiased questions…

Exploring the Bancroft Library

Hey y’all, next week (9/30-10/4) we’re going to be hanging out in the Bancroft Library. As the best run housing source for primary and rare sources on campus, the Bancroft will undoubtedly prove as a valuable source through your collegiate career.

Bancroft670 Banfrcot 1


Before our trip to the Bancroft, we will be reading Exploring the Bancroft Library, The Centennial Guide to Its Extraordinary History, Spectacular Special Collections, Research Pleasures, Its Amazing Future, and How it All Works. While the title may be a bit grandiose, this piece provides a good overview of some of the Bancroft’s main collections – including the likes of Western Americana, Latin Americana, and the collection of Tebtunis Papyri, amongst others, of course.

Do any of these collections appeal to you as an individual or for your research projects? Is there anything that you would like to know in particular about the Bancroft?